The Power of Your Thoughts

If people can take away one message from my happiness workshop, it is this: What we focus on expands. This is a cool concept, and one we can use to our greatest advantage — or unwittingly to our disadvantage.

Everything that happens in our lives begins with a thought. We are actually creators of our own experiences in many ways. As you go about your day, ask yourself: “What am I focusing on?” Are you thinking about what is going wrong in your life, or are you focused on what you appreciate about it? Are you excited and looking forward to what’s going to happen today?

I’ve been studying happiness for years now, and I even catch myself giving attention to negative things, or thinking negative thoughts.

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TED Talk: Happy Secret to Better Work

One of my favorite videos is from Shawn Achor on TEDxBloomington, where he talks about the power of positive psychology. He suggests that reality itself is not the problem when it comes to our productivity and happiness, but rather the key is the lens through which we view the world. Achor claims that if we can merely change the lens of how we view the world we can, in a way, change our reality and — ultimately — change our happiness.

Upbeat and witty, Achor discusses how we can go about changing the formula for happiness, while simultaneously unlocking our potential on personal and professional levels.