Happiness Workshop & Coaching Client Testimonials

"Consideration of how our mindset truly determines our happiness is key in putting our best foot forward in life, not just our careers. I highly recommend this workshop if you value a healthy work/life balance and intend to project confidence in your new career path."

— Participant from the Happiness Workshop at Lee Hect Harrison where the focus was People in Career Transitions

Relaxed women in the sunlight.

"I knew my position as president of the National Council of Jewish Women would be ending very soon and I didn't know what other paths I should explore. So I met with Ann to gain another perspective. Sometimes you need someone on the outside to challenge you. I am now working for Standing Firm, a company that addresses partner violence as a workplace and workforce issue. I didn't even know I wanted such a position until the opportunity fell into my lap. And the reason that it fell in my lap was because Ann helped me to open my mind to a new opportunity."

— Susan Nitzberg, Executive Coaching client