Happiness Workshop & Coaching Client Testimonials

“Ann worked with me to plan and design her workshop around the needs of our employees. She focused on the issues that were prominent in our office, such as balancing work and life, overworking tendencies, and postponing our happiness until we reach the next milestone in our careers. Everything she taught us was relevant and applicable to our lives. Everyone took something away from Ann’s workshop - it made a positive impact on our office culture.”

— Gina Ciarrocchi, KPMG


Business people on the beach.


“Ann’s program was very interactive and engaging. What I enjoyed most was how every part of the session was applicable to real life—employees could see the direct value of incorporating the ideas learned in both their personal and professional lives. It approached topics of happiness, stress, and mindfulness in a way that made them seem achievable. Employees left the session feeling invigorated and ready to take action.”

— Kaitlyn Mammay, Eaton Corporation


“Thank you for presenting the Resilience and Happiness Workshop to our staff. They loved the interaction and the exercises got them thinking and talking about their personal goals and the stresses in their lives. At times, some staff members shared personal aspects of their hopes and fears with each other when we broke into small groups. The different departments in the library (adult services, circulation, administration, etc.) are very tight-knit, and getting to know employees from other departments will help everyone appreciate the unique challenges some departments, and even some individuals face.”

— Kelley Moten, Northland Library


"Consideration of how our mindset truly determines our happiness is key in putting our best foot forward in life, not just our careers. I highly recommend this workshop if you value a healthy work/life balance and intend to project confidence in your new career path."

— Participant from the Happiness Workshop at Lee Hect Harrison where the focus was People in Career Transitions


"I knew my position as president of the National Council of Jewish Women would be ending very soon and I didn't know what other paths I should explore. So I met with Ann to gain another perspective. Sometimes you need someone on the outside to challenge you. I am now working for Standing Firm, a company that addresses partner violence as a workplace and workforce issue. I didn't even know I wanted such a position until the opportunity fell into my lap. And the reason that it fell in my lap was because Ann helped me to open my mind to a new opportunity."

— Susan Nitzberg, Executive Coaching client